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Thank You From Belfast

Now that I am back I would like to thank you and the other members of the Loyal Orange Institution of New Zealand for your huge generosity which made our visit to Australia and New Zealand possible. I would like to heartily endorse Geraldene’s comments in thanking the Orange Order for its support.

Without your financial contribution the visit would not have happened. Moreover it was the catalyst for us being to put together a three week tour in Australia and new Zealand taking in 10 events, including: Wellington, Dunedin, Wanaka, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Melbourne (x 2), Auckland and the evening with your own members on Sunday 4th June itself.

It is a credit to the office holders and membership of the Order that you chose to offer this assistance. It is very easy to talk about the importance of heritage etc, but a whole other thing to actually get the cheque book out. On behalf of Gillian and myself, we would like to thank you for supporting the Foundation’s visit and the NZSG event.

Also for having the opportunity to share with this new audience information on how to get started tracing Irish and Scots-Irish ancestry. I agree that the Order’s members and the genealogists who attended seemed to get on very well, and I think is an indication of how useful family history can be in bringing people together. That is certainly the Foundation’s experience during its sixty years of serving the diaspora community.

Best wishes



Fintan Mullan

Executive Director

Ulster Historical Foundation

First Floor, Corn Exchange

31 Gordon Street

Belfast, BT1 2LG


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