NZ Odyssey

A Trip From The Top To The Bottom Of NZ

This is a report by Bro. Ian Mackey (PM Oxford LOL 213) and his wife who had a wonderful holiday in New Zealand in February and early March of this year.

They drove the length of NZ from Piahai in the north to Te Anau in the south (a distance of 1,996.2 km by road Plus an interisland ferry or 1248.5 km if flying direct).

“Thankfully the weather was kind to us. We visited Katikati – the Ulster settlement. At the Katikati museum the ladies wear orange scarves and the gents wear orange ties in recognition of the area’s Orange past.

My wife and I had a very enjoyable lunch with W. Bro. Alan Martin (Grand Treasurer) and his wife at Whangarei. Alan gave me a jewel produced to mark the 1814 sermon preached by Rev Samuel Marsden – the first Christian sermon in NZ.

We visited the Marsden Cross where the sermon was preached while we were based in Paihiai.

We sailed to the bay where the cross stands in a sailing ship from Paihia, so it felt like we were re-enacting Marsden’s journey by landing at the bay on a small boat while our sailing ship was anchored off shore! By coincidence on board our ship was a great great great grandson of the Reverend Marsden, so it made our day even more memorable by meeting him. We also visited Katikati (which was an Ulster Settlement) where we were made very welcome.

Funny incidents – on two occasions I was mistaken for a NZ politician called Peter Dunne – one occasion was when I was touring the NZ parliament in Wellington! We may be back in NZ for a 3rd time!! Kind regards ….. Ian Mackey (PM Oxford LOL 213)”

Click on the image if you would like this jewel.



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