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A lot has been written about the Orange order, not all of it good. Most of the stories about the order originate from Ireland and Scotland where emotions for and against are still burning strong.

The Orange Order in NZ is like any other friendly society, there is traditional aspects, business meetings and of course the chance to meet and catch up with news and events of lifelong friends, what the Irish call Craic! (and also)

Let’s look at this in a little more detail.

The traditional aspects is always a little overwhelming for a start, but remember the Orange Order has been around since the mid 1700’s so traditional is still an important aspect.

Tradition is present in many other aspects of our life as well; good examples are the church, courts and parliament. A more common everyday occurrence is the tradition of holding a meeting. Most people have at some point in their life have belonged to a club or organisation that has held regular meetings. There are designated roles, designated rules and order of business with any formal meeting regardless of the organisation.

The Orange Order operates the same way. There are usually monthly meetings, wrapped up with a little tradition, but still it is a meeting which discussed past events and new business.

The Orange Lodge is still very active with charitable works, organising recipients’ for bursaries and grants among many other activities.

After the meeting is the supper, a time for catching up with friends and news. Throw in a few toasts and good cheer and you end the evening by going home with the satisfaction of a very enjoyable social outing.

It’s worth concluding with an appropriate quote.

The Orange Institution is relevant to the people of New Zealand and is not an organisation for displaced Ulster or Irish men and women.

Interested in joining?

Once you send your details we will organise a time and place to meet you so we can both get a chance to get to now each other better.

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