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This article is a continuation on the part of the Orange Institution of New Zealand’s opposition to any change to the current New Zealand flag.

Why is this important?

Because in the coming months this campaign to change the New Zealand will pick up as the New Zealand Prime Minister bulldozes everyone through this process.

Maori Flag from 1865 battle

Maori Flag from 1865 battle

This Maori war flag captured during the 19th century’s bitter ethnic wars in New Zealand lay almost forgotten in Hawick museum. A sharp eyed New Zealand visitor spotted the significance of the flag and started the process of getting in returned  to the Wairoa museum in the Hawke’s Bay.

A key element of the request was accompanying letters of support from descendants of those involved in the 1865 battle, when the flag was captured.

The Battle of Omaruhakeke on December 25, 1865, was part of the New Zealand wars which saw Maori communities divided, with some siding with the Crown and New Zealand Government, against others who wanted to maintain independence.

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