Greetings From The Grand Master

Introducing Our New Grand Master 2016-2018

For the second time in the history of the Grand Orange Lodge of New Zealand the delegates have elected a Worshipful Sister as the Grand Master.

Wor. Master Elva Brash of NZ Orange Institution

Wor. Master Elva Brash of NZ Orange Institution

At the Grand Orange Lodge Sessions held in Wellington, Wor. Sister Elva Brash of Invercargill was elected as Grand Master.

Wor. Sister Elva Brash is a very proud Southlander having lived in Invercargill all of her life. Both her parents were members of the Orange Lodge and so she was encouraged to join when she was 18, firstly joining Ladies Lodge No. 13 “Daughters of Deborah”, then some time later LLOL No 13 amalgamated with the Invercargil Male Lodge and became LOL No. 4 “Southern Star”, where Elva has been Secretary/Treasurer for the last 32 years. Wor. Sister Elva Brash has valued her association with the Lodge as it has encouraged and helped her become the person she is today.

Wor. Sister Elva Brash’s paternal grandfather was born in Bush Mills, County Antrim and arrived in New Zealand at the age of 14 in the 1870’s with very little in the way of possessions except his Orange Collar, of which he was very proud.   Her paternal grandmother was born in New Zealand of parents who had arrived in New Zealand in 1860 from County Armagh. Her grandmother’s maiden name was Sloan, and of course, that name was connected with the formation of the very first Orange Lodge in Northern Ireland.

Wor. Sister Elva Brash attended St George Primary School, Tweedsmuir Intermediate and Southland Girls’ High School. Elva went on from there to work in a Chartered Accountants office and after 7 years had reached the position of Head Bookkeeping Machinist and it was there that Elva met her husband Russell, who was a Chartered Accountant. They have two children, Graeme a Pharmacist in Invercargill and Lynley a physiotherapist in Dunedin. They are both married and have blessed Elva and Russell with three grandchildren. Once her children started school she went back to work part time at the Invercargill Licensing Trust where she stayed for 27 years and there became Assistant to the Financial Controller.

Russell and Elva are both members of First Presbyterian Church. Russell as an Elder and Elva is currently Assistant Treasurer. Elva’s life continues to be busy as Secretary and or Treasurer on three different Charitable Trusts and also getting called on to do other bookkeeping duties for her family and friends from time to time.

Wor. Sister Elva Brash is looking forward to her time as Grand Master and trust that with God’s help she will fulfil her duties to the New Zealand brethren’s expectations.



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