Grand Master of New Zealand Sister Elva Brash with two of her Grand Children

Elva Brash with two of her grandchilden

Elva Brash with two of her grandchildren

The Grand Master of New Zealand Sister Elva Brash with two of her grandchildren.

The one on the left is Christopher Brash and on the right is Daniela Lemow.

They both graduated recently with a Bachelor of Science degree from Otago University. Christopher is returning to University next year to do further research in the field of genetics. Daniela has a position with an American Computer Company who have a 3 year contract in New Zealand. She will be based in Wellington for the duration of the contract.

Her other grandchild, Jessica Brash graduated 3 years ago with a Bachelor of Commerce and has just passed her final written examination required to complete her Chartered Accountancy qualification.

During their 3 years of University study they each received financial support in the form of a Bursary from the Loyal Orange Institution of New Zealand.   This was of significant value to them and they wish to thank the Institution for their generosity in enabling them to complete their degrees which has given them a wonderful start on their future career paths.



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