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Presentation to Koru Care at Lodge A1 on the 7th March 2017.
Koru Care is a charitable organisation that every second year choose 26 children who have medical problems and take them on a trip from Auckland to Los Angeles in the USA.
Koru means New life!
Two Koru Care personal and one parent who was a volunteer attended the lodge meeting to explain what their organisation does.
Air NZ provides free seats for the 26 children but the cost for the supporting adults has to be found for each trip, including their air fares, food, transport etc.
The Baywatch people care for the children when they arrive which often includes helicopter rides as well to show the work they do in saving lives.
Koru Care has been operating for 30 years and they have to raise $170,000 for each trip undertaken.
The parent spoke about the effect the trip had on her son and she was amazed at the change in him when he returned. He appeared to be a different boy, laughing and busy talking about his trip to anyone and everyone. He spent lots of time in his early childhood in hospital and now that he is 19 years old he has never forgotten that trip.
At the end of the presentation the lodge donated $1,000 to help them.
Since 1983 Koru Care has helped more than 10,000 young people and their families. As well as trips to far-away fantasy destinations the organisation also supply educational and play equipment including toy libraries, day excursions and a Christmas Cruise
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