Donation made to Northland Rescue Helicopter

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The Orange Institution is pleased to announce that it has recently made a donation of $5,000 to The Northland Rescue Helicopter which was presented to Peter Turnbull the CEO and Chief Pilot by Wor. Bro. Alan Martin.

The Orange Institution selects charities that serve the local community and are what we consider a good cause to support. The amounts we donate aren’t huge but we know that every bit helps.

The Northland Rescue Helicopter is based in Whangarei and serves all of Northland for rescue services and ambulance services.

Mr. Turnbull stated that this year is looking to be the busiest on record and with the increased flights it also increased costs and the organisation was very grateful for the donation by the Orange Institution.

Who Is the Orange Institution?

The Orange Institution was established in New Zealand in 1843. Its history goes back to Ireland, 328 years ago when the order acted as the defence force for King William III to defend the right of Parliament to govern over the divine right of Kings. The Orange Institution is still defending that the Constitutional Democracy in the British Isles and New Zealand.

The Orange Institution is a Protestant fraternity who are passionate about empowering people in need by selecting organisation to support and helping with their fund raising and providing moral support as well.

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