2017 Annual Sessions

The 73rd Grand Lodge Sessions of New Zealand was held over Queens Birthday weekend in Auckland over three days.

These sessions was distinguished by three outstanding guest speakers:

The first was by the Reverent Doctor Stuart M Lange from the Presbyterian Church whose presentation was called “Martin Luther and the Reformation, 500 years on”.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther

The focus of the presentation was “…I want to remind you of what you know, and to explain something of what it meant then, and to suggest what it might mean now…”

His final thoughts were “…How truly Protestant are today’s Protestant churches” which left many of the brethren in a reflective mood.

The second speakers were Fintan Mullan & Gillian Hunt from the Ulster Historical Foundation who were sponsored by the Orange Institution to attend the 2017 conference for the NZ Society of Genealogists as well as present to our sessions.

Fintan Mullan and Gillian Hunt

Fintan Mullan and Gillian Hunt

This was a joint presentation to both our brethren and an invited genealogy audience who had an interest in tracing Irish ancestors.

Supper was supplied by the Orange Institution and many interesting conversations were struck up between the brethren and the genealogists.

The third speaker was the Rev Prince Devanandan from the Methodist Church whose presentation was called “Churchgoers and Ministers concepts of the Reformation after 500 years”

This was different in the that it covered Luther’s commentary on the book of romans which influenced John Wesley that bought forth the Methodist movement and the impact of the reformation on Sri Lanka and New Zealand in the early colonisation period.

The Rev Devanandan concluded with this slide “The objective of Reformation for Luther and the reformers was not divisions of the church but to be renewed and united in the gospel” and told the brethren that this was already underway in New Zealand.

We conclude this report with the gathering of NZ members able to attend these sessions.



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